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 Rogue Heroes

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Ian Gamma
Ian Gamma

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Character sheet
Character Name: Ian Koal
Health Points:
Rogue Heroes Left_bar_bleue500000000000000000/500000000000000000Rogue Heroes Empty_bar_bleue  (500000000000000000/500000000000000000)
Power(s): Super Strength, can be focused to any part of body.

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PostSubject: Rogue Heroes   Rogue Heroes EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 9:18 pm

Michael (TheWriter01)
Michael has the power of a death touch. He leads the Rogue Heroes. His brother was taken away (because of curfew) on his 13th birthdays. We made an alliance early on, but after he killed the inspector that took his brother, I broke off the alliance. His former team members left the team to stay with my team. He resurfaced when we fought Power Inc. with a new team.

Zak (Zak)

We don't know much about him. He is part of Michael's new team. We do know that his powers are centered around poison, and that he has the power of flight.

Hector (TheSpy)

We don't know much about him. He is part of MIchael's new team. He wields a gun, and his powers are undetermined.
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Rogue Heroes
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