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 Stewie's Team

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Ian Gamma
Ian Gamma

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Character sheet
Character Name: Ian Koal
Health Points:
Stewie's Team Left_bar_bleue500000000000000000/500000000000000000Stewie's Team Empty_bar_bleue  (500000000000000000/500000000000000000)
Power(s): Super Strength, can be focused to any part of body.

Stewie's Team Empty
PostSubject: Stewie's Team   Stewie's Team EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 9:15 pm

Stewie (Stewie)
He has super strength and endurance. His power and role is similar to mine. He uses bad methods to win. He helped me, Vigilance, and TFT defeat Power Inc. once and for all.

Misty (BriBri101)
A girl who has the power to create and control fire. She is a member of Stewie's team.

A member of Stewie's team who can morph metal into anything. He helped me, Vigilance, and Stewie defeat Power Inc. once and for all.

Zeke Stealsun (Fstdude)
A member of Stewie's team. He can throw razor-sharp cards, controls flowers, and wields a scythe
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Stewie's Team
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