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 Chains of Light

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Ian Gamma
Ian Gamma

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Character sheet
Character Name: Ian Koal
Health Points:
Chains of Light Left_bar_bleue500000000000000000/500000000000000000Chains of Light Empty_bar_bleue  (500000000000000000/500000000000000000)
Power(s): Super Strength, can be focused to any part of body.

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PostSubject: Chains of Light   Chains of Light EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 9:14 pm

Ian Koal/Bruiser (Ian Gamma)
I lead the Chains of Light. I have super strength which can be focused to any part of my body.

Matt Ganon/Green (Greenganon): He can slow things down, speed them up, or stop them. He also has telekinesis. Tifa introduced him to us. He is now one of my close advisors.

Arlen McCool/Ghost (Arlen McCool): My good friend who gained powers in the same accident. Dhe can transform into anything she's seen before, or anything she's seen a picture of before.


Arlen has MPD. Her personalities include a hero (the normal Arlen), a crazy rogue, and a villain.

TerrorCaster called T.C. (Ziyoxis): He is a mysterious man, but helping the revolution anyway. He has the power to bend reality in small ways. He likes messing with people's heads. He recently started dating Zoe.

Kyle Koal/Dawg (Dawgdedawg): My 10 year old brother who's super fast, hyper, and can turn into a puppy. He was a friend of Michael and Zoe, and originally couldn't join my team. He left the Rogue Heroes after Michael killed a man and I kicked him out. He can now transform different parts of his body into dog parts while some are in human form and transform into any type of dog/wolf/etc.

Proto (Proto Plasmabear): He has the power to push anything in any direction, or slow it down by pushing lightly. He used to be on Stewie's Team, but left because he disliked their methods.

Tifa/Tifa Twilight (Tifa Twilight): Tifa has the spirit to win the war. She is trained in swordsmanship and martial arts, and considered almost "old school" by some. She helped bring the team together. She knows a lot about the past.

Eddie/Cloud (Cookie Dough): He is one of my friends on his team, and can control the weather. He was Ian the accident with us. He is the Chains of Light's field leader.

Konjure: He can summon anything to him. He is uncomfortable sharing his secret identity with us. (A/N: He is really Jason Starr, as you may know.)

Rennae Sloan/Vigilance: An 18-year old girl who has heightened reflexes and a sixth sense. She helped me, TFT, and Stewie defeat the Rogue Heroes once and for all.

Zoe Kaine (Rin): She was originally on the Rogue Heroes with Michael and Kyle. She was forced to make a decision between the groups when Michael killed a man and our alliance was ended. She eventually decided to stay with us, because of her current boyfriend, T.C. She can control darkness and use singing to affect people.
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Chains of Light
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