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 Chapter Four

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PostSubject: Chapter Four   Chapter Four EmptySat Nov 07, 2009 9:02 pm

Chapter 4

"Alright. I've been thinking, and T.C., Zoe, and I made a plan. Tifa, Matt, Drako, Eddie, and Chloe are going to go to Time Square. When the battle ended, Tifa found this," I hold up a single neon light. I show everyone what happened with my charm.

1 week ago: The battle in Times Square...

"Whoa," Tifa said. The ground was shaking from Stewie and me hitting the ground in our fight. The two criminals who were fighting Tifa and Green had set their loot down nearby. The shock of the force launched the bag into the ruins, scattering its contents everywhere. Almost all of it was lost in the ruins, except for one neon light. Tifa picked it up.

"Look at this, Matt. Why would they want a neon light?"

"I dunno. We should show this to Ian."



"Arlen, Drako, Eddie, and I were in that crash. It gave us powers somehow. Maybe it's connected to these neon lights, or something else in those ruins. We can't let them get it. Chloe will try touching the ruins to see what happens. That's why the others are going to Time Square. Now, at the same time Michael, Kyle, and Proto will stay here, in case our enemies try to attack while we're gone. Arlen, you're going to come with us. We checked their security and we'll need some help. Does everyone get the plan? We start tomorrow. You should talk to your groups about how it'll work."

"Okay!" Everyone replies. They start to leave.

"Arlen, T.C., Zoe, wait here. We have more parts of the plan to discuss."
Once everyone else leaves, we sit down to discuss our part in the plan.

"So, what's the plan?" Arlen asks.

"First, we need to find a small crime by one of the villain members. We take him or her out and hide them. Arlen will take their stuff and shapeshift into them. We get into the base before they know their teammate's in jail. T.C. will bend reality so we're unnoticed. You use whatever you need to to get in. From there, we'll split up. Arlen and Zoe will stay at their headquarters, see if they have a meeting or something. Zoe can use her powers to hide her presence in whatever way she sees fit. T.C. and I will see if we can find out more information around the base. Understood?"

"Yeah, but what do we do if they ask for what I stole?" Arlen asks.

"We're going to find someone just stealing food or something, and bring some to the villains."

"I guess," she responds warily.

"Let's get home and get some rest. We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow. We'll meet me near Harlem."


* * *

I wake up and eat breakfast. Kyle, Chloe and I sneak what we don't eat into a bag.

"I'm going out!" I yell to my parents.

"Can we come with?" The twins ask, as planned.

"Sure, if it's okay with Mom and Dad."

"It's fine, just be back by curfew!" Mom yells to us. So far, so good. We walk out of the door into a nearby alleyway, and change into costume.

"Be safe," I tell my siblings. "Tifa will pick you up here Chloe. Kyle, I assume you can get over there?"

"Yep," he answers, and turns into his puppy form, in which he can run super fast, and runs away. Tifa walks into the alleyway.

"Hi Tifa."

"Hey, Ian. I brought some fruit cause I heard you needed food. I picked it off a tree, like the rest of my food."

"What about your-?"

"Parents? They're dead."

"Oh, I'm so sorry."

"Don't be. It was a long time ago. We can talk later. Today, we have a job to do. Ready, Chloe?"

"Yeah!" she answers. She obviously thinks Tifa's really cool. I laugh to myself.

"Bye, Ian," they say.

"Bye, guys," I reply, already leaping into the air towards Harlem.

* * *

"Ugh... where are they?" I wonder, bored. As if on cue, a bird lands on my shoulder.

"Arlen?" I ask. The bird lands on the floor and transforms into my friend.

"Yep. I'm getting better at this," she says proudly. I hear footsteps.

"Someone's coming," I get down and look over the side of the roof. There, T.C. and Zoe are walking up invisible stairs. I stand up,

"Whoa! How'd you do that?!"

"I just willed the air to be hard like steps," T.C. responds, like it's the simplest thing in the world.

"And why are you together?" Arlen adds.

"We just... um... ran into each other!" Zoe responds, and they both blush.

"Suuuuureee," I retort. Suddenly, my hand becomes an ugly shade of red that looks like barf.

"SHUT UP!" T.C. yells.

"Okay, okay!" I respond quickly. My hand goes back to normal, but T.C. is still fuming. "It was just a joke!"

"Good." T.C. answers angrily.

"Now, we'll just wait around the grocery store till you hear an alarm. From what I've seen watching their base, they steal food a lot."

* * *

The grocery store alarm sounds. I look down to see a man running away with food in his arms.

"Quick and low profile. Zoe, make all of the pedestrians think nothing is wrong!" Zoe starts to sing, and suddenly the civilians are looking to the sky for no reason.

"Nice. Now T.C., make a wall." T.C. makes an invisible wall, which the villain runs straight into.

"Arlen, look intimidating!" I check on Chloe and Tifa with my charm.


Chloe and Tifa meet up with Matt, Drako, and Eddie near the ruins. They start to formulate a plan.

"Let's split up into two teams. Chloe and I will go into the ruins and search for these objects and any artifacts, since my powers are good for protecting her, while you three stay out here and guard the ruins," Matt informs them. "We should use our superhero names from here on out."

"Okay!" The others respond. With that, Matt and Chloe drop into the ruins and begin the search.

"Okay, I'll take this side, Drako can take the back, and Eddie will look from the top. Warn us if you see trouble."

"All right." They all go to their respective positions.

* * *

They sit there for a while. Suddenly, Tifa hears a scream.

"No! That was Chloe! How did they get past us?!" A man appears out of nowhere. "Like this," and with that, he punches her in the face. Then he disappears again. He keeps appearing, hitting her, then disappearing. She takes her sword and spins around very quickly, and he gets sliced when he comes near her. She flips over to kick him, but he grabs her leg and slams her to the floor. She tries to get up, but slips in rain that seems to appear out of nowhere. knocking her out. The man enters the ruins. "We'll come back for you later."


"What's that?! Chloe?! Green?! Tifa?! Midnight?!" Cloud yelled.

"It's your doom. My ally had me invisible. But my own powers can handle this."
The unseen enemy attacks Cloud from behind. He zaps the enemy with lightning, but it hits another part of the area.


"We set up a lightning rod. You can't hit me!" Cloud starts to make it rain. The rain soon turns into a downpour, and Cloud makes a tornado around the enemy, who he can barely see in the rain. With the water it becomes a makeshift hurricane. Cloud launches himself up with wind, barely dodging a throwing star barrage. He launches himself back down, kicking the enemy in the face, knocking him/her out, then jumping into the ruins.


"Is it... raining?! Wait... Cloud!" Drako turns to see rain hitting an invisible form. He launches darkness at it, but it is blocked by a sword.

"It's too late to beat us. My friend made us all invisible. You've lost by now." The sword turns into a bow, and the girl shoots at Drako, distracting him before the weapon turns into a giant fist and hits the ground, knocking Drako over. She kicks him in the face, defeating him. "We'll get you later. Now for the real prize." She walks into the ruins.


Things aren't going good, but we have to finish our mission. I check on my brother/


"Dawg, guard the entrance in your puppy form. Proto, stay at the bottom of the trapdoor in and push anyone out. I'll guard the main room. Sound like a plan?" Michael explained to Dawg (Kyle) and Proto.

"Yep," the others answered.

* * *

Dawg sat next to a bench in puppy form for a while, until he saw a figure. He barked at it, signaling the others to be ready. Water hit his paws and knocked him over.

"We know all about your little puppy form," the woman said. "We can take you down, easy."
She created a huge wave from a nearby park fountain. He tried to run, but the water was too fast. He climbed up a tree, barely dodging the water. He changed to normal, hoping she wouldn't see him. She came near with a sharp water spear.

"Come out, come out, time to die, come out, come out, or heads will fly."

She looked up at him, "Ah, there you are." She held the spear at his neck. "Move, and die."
And then, he did what he didn't know he could do. He turned into a wolf. He leapt from the tree.


They'll have to deal as well. There's no way I could get to them in time to help. Arlen transforms into an appearance that looks like the most intimidating, strong super hero ever. She stands in front of the villain. I wait to see his power, but a power doesn't seem to come. The man shoots a gun at Arlen.

"NO!" I yell. I look, and I realize she was able to make a shield in time. "Few..." The bullet moves through the shield. His power must be to enhance weaponry. He made the bullet strong enough. I go as fast as I can to reach her, but I know it's no use.
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Chapter Four
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