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 Chapter One

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Chapter 1

The next day, we come back to the same spot. No one is there. We agree not to act further until we find the boy.
On Wednesday, after school, we finally see the boy, standing with a man that looks about the age of 20.

"Who're you?" I ask.

"Name's Michael... and I think you know the boy..." The man says.
I get a closer look, and see that it is my own younger brother, Kyle.


"No time for that now. Sit down, I have a story to tell you," Michael begins, "Almost all information about the Age of Technology was destroyed. I have been seeking information out, and I believe you have some. The story I am about to tell you dates back 7 years ago, when I was 13 years old. I was young, and foolish. It was my birthday, and I was partying. I didn't realize that I missed curfew. They took my brother away... I haven't seen him since. By means I don't like to talk about, I gained a 'death touch'. I met your brother, and he turned into a dog for the first time. Under the codename 'Dawg' he's been helping me lately. Could I talk to Tifa about the information?"

"Sure," she says. "If you're willing to help us fight, which I'm sure your spy heard about."

"You do that," I say. "But I need to talk to Kyle. Alone."

"Alright. We'll go inside my base," Tifa says, and the others leave.

"Kyle, you can't do this!"

"Do what?" Kyle asks.

"Risk your life like this! You're too young, Kyle!"

"No I'm not!"

"Then I'll tell mom and dad!" With that comment, he runs away, sobbing. "Kyle... WAIT!"

* * *

"Maybe you were too hard on him..." Eddie says.

Kyle hasn't spoken to me since yesterday morning. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him all day.

"Damn it! No... no... no!" I yell.

"What did I-" Eddie begins. I'm already running. I know what happened. He ran away. But where could he be?!
There's only one person he would tell. Chloe! Of course he would tell his twin sister

"I hope..." I mutter under my breath. I run home as fast as I can.

* * *

The door bursts open and I run inside of Chloe's room.

"Ian..." she says.

"Chloe, did-"

"Where's Kyle?" she asks.

"I- he- ran-" I start to cry. A few seconds later I'm sobbing. "I-I'm sorry- I-I couldn't stop him- he- he ran away and it's all my fault!"

"Ian... we'll find him, I promise." Somehow, my sister always shows light, even in the darkest times.

"B-but where could he be?"

"He always did say he wanted to see The Ruins..." She says, a smile coming on to her face.

* * *

ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The train speeds into the station. I jump down from the top of the train. Hopefully no one saw us sneak on the trin. The people around here look higher class. It shouldn't be hard to find Kyle, if he is here. I look around for Chloe, who was small enough to hide in the inside of the train. I see her, waiting by the stairs as planned. We run down to The Ruins. The Ruins are the birthplace of, as we call it, "The Dark Age". No one knows how it started, except for the fact that it happened here. I look around. On a piece of rubble, there seems to be some kind of symbol. I start to clean the dust off of it.

"Here, let me," Chloe says. She places her hand on the symbol and her blue eyes turn lighter, and lighter, and lighter, until they become white.

"Chloe! What's going on?!"

Chloe starts to float.

"Chloe! Answer me!"

Soon, Chloe floats down to the floor.

"I saw a vision of the past. Then, this woman... she talked to me and told me to find these artifactsg. She said we need to find out about the past, and artifacts will give us visions of it. She also gave me this." A small metal charm with the same symbol appears in Chloe's hand. "If you imagine someone, you will see what they are doing with this charm. It might be helpful soon." She hands it to me.

"Thanks, Chloe. Can you explain your vision to me?"

"Oh, right! The lady told me that you could use the charm to see my visions! Just think of my most recent vision." I think hard, and suddenly, I float up.

20 years ago...

"It's over, Dragon!"

"No... you could never destroy me Eclipse. You don't have the guts to."

"I won't let you're evil continue!" Eclipse formed a knife of light in his hand, holding it over Dragon's chest. "It's over." A gunshot rang through the area. Cold, red blood seeped over Eclipse's costume.

"For you, it is," Dragon smirked.

"Hello, Dragon," A man in an army uniform holding the gun which had shot Eclipse stood in the doorway.

"Nice of you to arrive, General."

"The plan is clear to proceed."


"Whoa... Who were they?"

"I don't know," Chloe says as a small dog runs by us. "Kyle!" I explained our powers to her while we went to the train. She wasn't that surprised, for some reason. A girl runs behind Kyle, blasting him with some kind of sound attack. He falls to the floor.

"I made him sleep. I'm Zoe Kaine. I help Michael, and he asked me to catch Kyle here."

"Good work, Zoe." Michael said, entering the area. She makes Kyle wake up, and he turns human again.

"Why'd you have Zoe capture me?!" Kyle asks, annoyed.

"I had to find you, couldn't contact you and thought it was the best way."

"Well don't do it again!"

"Look, I saw that you ran away from home. You're making a mistake, you need to go back. And try talking with your brother, maybe he'll reconsider."

"No. I'm not going back there."

"Yes you are," I say as Kyle finally notices me.

"I'm not going anywhere!" he yells. I run at him and try to grab him, but he turns into puppy form and runs through my legs. I put my sweatshirt hood on and follow him out of The Ruins. Soon, we're out in the city. I quickly lose sight of him in the crowd, so I jump up onto a building. I spot him turning into an alleyway and jump down in front of him. The force knocks him to a nearby park. I follow him in one big leap. He's in human form, under a tree, crying.

"Please don't make me go.... don't-don't tell mom and dad..." He pleads, "please..."


"Please... I want to help! I want to save the world, like you will."

"Fine. Two conditions. Under EVERY circumstance, I don't care if I'm going to die, get back home on time. And DON'T let mom and dad know."

"I won't. I promise."

"Fine, it's only fair since Chloe's comi-"


* * *

"So, an alliance?" Michael asks me.

"That's the idea," I say.

"Okay, we'll see how it goes, but Kyle can come here then."

"All right."

"So, I guess tomorrow we'll search for more of those artifact things," Chloe says. She already explained her vision to everyone, and Michael said he would contact the others and tell them.


"I have to go in the same direction as you guys, so I'll tag along for now," Zoe says.

We hide atop the train. I hold Kyle in his puppy form as Chloe enters the train.

The train car comes to an abrupt stop. I make sure no one is looking and jump off, with the puppy Kyle in my arms. I'm shocked by what's in front of me. A government officer is taking Chloe away.
"No!" I run after him. He notices me, and starts to hover and fly away. I chase after him, but he's too fast.

"So, you want the girl that bad?" he flies up to the nearest building. "Well, government officials
do get insurance. Mine can be the girl. Back off or she dies!" He dangles Chloe off the rooftop. There's no time to spare. I leap at him, but I know there's no hope of getting to him in time. Suddenly, either I get faster, he gets slower, or both, but I somehow reach him. He lets Chloe go, but she falls very slowly, and in a flash, something grabs her. It pulls her back up onto the roof. I grab the agent's shoulder and punch him in the face.

"Why do you have powers?"

"That's... classified."

"Where's your base?!"

"I'm- not telling you anything."

"Why are you here?"

"I said I'm not telling you anything." Before I can punch him again, he pushes away and falls back. I know he can fly, but he doesn't, and falls to the street below.

"Why didn't he fly away?" I ask.

"I don't know," a man says.

"Who are you?"

"Name's Matthew Ganon, but call me Green or Matt. I saved your... sister, is it? Anyway, I have powers, like you. I can manipulate time, so I slowed her down, I slowed him down, I sped you up, and I slowed down gravity, allowing me to almost fly and catch her."

"Lucky you were in the area."

"Well, I'm a friend of Tifa's, she was looking for you."

* * *

"Ian! You'll never believe what I found out! The government is manipulating people's minds. It took away their memories of before the Dark Age, and replaced them. They also mind control some of their agents," Tifa exclaims

"That explains why the guy committed suicide."

I had already explained the events of the day to everyone.

"So, I say we split up into three teams," Green says, "One to find these "artifacts", one to find more info about the mind manipulation, and one to find out how the government agents are getting powers. Sound like a plan?"

"Yep," we all reply.

Kyle, Chloe, Arlen and I set off to look for the artifacts. Eddie and Drako team up with Zoe to find the source of the government powers, and Tifa and Green team up with Michael and set off to find out more about the mind manipulation. It's good to see there are more heroes. We're not alone.
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Chapter One
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