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 New: Heist Points System

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PostSubject: New: Heist Points System   New: Heist Points System EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 11:10 am

Thanks to Katt, we have a new system today.

Heist Points are now used as the currency for villain characters. As Katt said, a villain doesn't walk into a store and buy something. So, as you complete missions, you will be rewarded with heist points. The reward can come in many forms. As with money, when you help someone, you gain heist points, but only when you help villains. Their heist point rewards are like saying they'll help you. Stealing something costs just as many heist points as it does money. You may have to browse the store and find what you want before you take it. Instead of be obsessed with your money and level, they are intimidated by your heist points and level into showing you powerful items.

Any characters under "Rogue" will normally get money or heist points matching if they are a hero or a villain. If they do something evil/good, they will get the opposite. Money and heist points can be combined, distracting the shopkeeper by handing him some money while you use your heist points to steal the rest.

I hope you enjoy the new system, and thanks again to Katt!
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New: Heist Points System
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