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 The Trapping Store

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PostSubject: The Trapping Store   The Trapping Store EmptySun Aug 22, 2010 10:37 am

Shopkeeper Ventus: Hi! Here, you can buy security systems, traps, and other ways to keep people out of your base. We also can make other traps, for single use in mission. (Base traps are expensive due to the fact all team members can pitch in.) Each trap has a trap level. As you pass it, you must roll the trap die and roll higher than the level of the current trap.

Security System T: Teleports your team back to base when an attack is in progress. You have something you can use to stop the process if you want to stay. Trap level: 9
Costs: $100

Containment Trap: Unless you are registered as one of the team, as you pass through it, walls come up around you and close you in. Trap level: 6
Costs: $180

Arrow Barrage: Arrows fly at unwanted visitors when they pass. Trap level: 6
Costs: $200

Arrow Barrage V2: Poison arrows fly at unwanted visitors as they pass. Trap level: 7
Costs: $230

Laser Wall: A wall of lasers stops your passage. Trap level: 5
Costs: $150

For every three uses, pay $10 to get it working again.

Field Traps:

FREEZE!: The enemy is frozen in ice as they pass. Trap level: 6
Costs: $80

Security System T (Field Version): Teleports minions - or generic enemies - to help you as the enemy passes. Trap level: 5
Costs: $110

Laser Beam: As you press the button on the control, a laser beam hits a specific spot. It automatically does 9 damage. Trap Level: 2
Costs: $200

Trap helpers:

Speed up temporarily: Allows you to set up a trap and use it in the same turn.
Costs: $20

Speed up: Allows you to always use a trap in the same turn you set it up in.
Costs: $20 and 40 EXP

Level up: Adds one trap level (can only be upgraded so far).
Costs: $30 and 50 EXP

Also, you can PM me to buy something if you'd like so enemies are not suspicious.
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The Trapping Store
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