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 Re-opening and Defense System

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Re-opening and Defense System Empty
PostSubject: Re-opening and Defense System   Re-opening and Defense System EmptyTue Aug 10, 2010 9:51 pm

On Saturday, August 14th, LFTA RP officially reopens. I will be implementing a new defense system. You can use defense items and powers to lower the damage and attack rolls of enemies. You can also find creative ways to dodge and block in battle, and I will roll to see if you do good. I will be explaining how you hit and miss, etc. If you roll a 20 or 1, you will be hurt yourself, and fail epicly. With defense, anything under 1 will get one extra damage done to oneself. The Power Success has also changed to fit this system.

I will have an event to go along with a new chapter that will be released on Friday or Saturday.

I'd like to thank Cookie for his help testing new systems for me!
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Re-opening and Defense System
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