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 Government Agents

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Ian Gamma
Ian Gamma

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PostSubject: Government Agents   Government Agents EmptySun Aug 08, 2010 11:45 pm

Inspection Agent ???
Long ago, he took Michael's brother because of curfew. Michael murdered him with a death touch when he resurfaced at Tifa's Base. His allegiance prior to his death is unknown, as he was with a group of Dragon's Villains at the time.

General ???
Back in the past, this army general shot Eclipse. It is unknown if he is still alive/where he stands now. Chloe and I saw him in our very first vision of the past.

Flying Agent ???
A brainwashed agent who was given powers by the government. He kidnapped Chloe (under the government's control). He regained control for a few seconds, and committed suicide before the government could take him over again.
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Government Agents
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