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 Other Villains

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PostSubject: Other Villains   Other Villains EmptySun Aug 08, 2010 11:43 pm

A blue skinned woman with blue hair and eyes. She resembles a serpent. She says her "s" as "sss". She has the power to control water. She seems to have a high position in this league of villains. She fought my friends at Tifa's Base.

A supervillain who fought us near our school. He can create and launch tiny bombs. He disappeared just before Spencer could finish him off.

A yellow-skinned, yellow-eyed, yellow-haired (not blond, YELLOW) man who can control electricity. He fought us at our school. He disappeared after I defeated him.

A green-skinned, green-eyed, and green-haired woman who can control plants. She fought us at Tifa's Base and our school. She disappeared after a defeat by the twins.

Inspection Agent ???
Long ago, he took Michael's brother because of curfew. Michael murdered him with a death touch when he resurfaced at Tifa's Base. His allegiance prior to his death is unknown, as he was with a group of Dragon's Villains at the time.

Drako Starr/Midnight Breaker
He was our good friend. He was in the accident with us, giving him telekinesis and the power to control darkness. His brother was taken away by curfew inspectors. He joined the villains to get him back.


He may be under mind control by the villains/government.
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Other Villains
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