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 Base Missions

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PostSubject: Base Missions   Base Missions EmptyFri Aug 06, 2010 8:32 pm

I'm introducing a new type of mission. Base missions have two types, Mandatory and Secondary. A base mission can occur in two ways. It can occur when an enemy has a mission to attack your base, and does, or when I make NPCs attack your base.

A mandatory base mission is a mission where someone is attacking your main base. You have to get to your base as fast as you can. If you are in a mission currently, you have to end the mission, have free teammates do the base mission, or have any NPC chars you obtain stall. There will be a base mission category. If the enemy wins the base mission, they will have the chance to enter your base thread. There, they can take rewards, information, and if they wish to, destroy or damage your base if you don't send back up in time. If you win a base mission, you will get good rewards and hurt the enemy, and may get a counter mission to take their base with some improved odds. All items are stored in your base, so they can be stolen. The enemy can only be in your base for a certain amount of time. They can also only do a certain amount of damage, and take a certain amount of info and items.

A secondary base mission is rare. It only occurs if one of your smaller bases, which only some have, is being attacked. It is optional to save it and rewards from it are set, though you will get rewards for saving it. Often times you will have a mission to protect something. If you don't take it and others attack, it will be a secondary base mission, and if you do take it and someone attacks, it will be like one.
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Base Missions
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